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Poetic Bloomings “In-Form Poet Wednesday”: ZaniLa Rhyme

This week, I added a new poetry form to my “things to remember” list through Poetic Bloomings’ In-Form Poet Wednesday:  the ZaniLa Rhyme.  The rhyme scheme and syllable count can be found at Shadow Poetry.

Night Chills

Night Chills

Another night gone to sleeplessness
as I rise to morning’s call:
Don’t feel forlorn, a new day is born.
But a new day doesn’t help at all.

Tossing and turning from dreamless nights,
I overlook daybreak’s cry:
A new day is born, don’t feel forlorn.
But darkness begs me to question why.

Inside a darkened and lonely room,
I’m haunted by life’s refrain:
Don’t feel forlorn, a new days is born.
But the feeling of failure won’t wane.

© Susan Schoeffield

2 thoughts on “Poetic Bloomings “In-Form Poet Wednesday”: ZaniLa Rhyme

  1. Wonderful reflective poem. I specially like the first stanza it really pulled me in! I also love your blog it’s so calming and dreamy!

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