Posted in Free Verse

An Empty Place

Written for the 8/18/13 The Sunday Whirl Wordle 122 – A baker’s dozen of poetry prompts:  dreamed, years, vision, heart, tribute, space, persuaded, degrees, nestled, floor, period, if, stay

An Empty Place

Nestled in the corner of a memory
is a period of time I dared not revisit.
It was a time when anger was measured by degrees
and love was no more than a tribute to your vanity.
I might have been persuaded to try again,
but even through the distance of years,
my fragile heart remains weary and afraid.
Yet I know, if I stay rooted to the floor,
refusing to move toward that vision
of contentment for which I once dreamed,
the space I exist in will be forever empty.

© Susan Schoeffield

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