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A Christmas Gift

Poetic Bloomings Prompt #117 – Baffled:  Confusions, confounding, and cons come in all forms. A message may be misunderstood. An event may have an unexpected outcome. A magician may play a trick that seems impossible. The world is full of surprises. Write a poem about a surprising or unexpected event or person or state of affairs. The result of the surprise may be pleasing or not.

A Christmas Gift

Down the steps on Christmas morn,
my smiling face was now forlorn
for nowhere underneath the tree
was what I hoped my eyes would see.

For months, I’d waited patiently
(and near the end, expectantly)
for something to replace my trike:
a brand new, big girl, bright green bike.

I’d done my best, I’d been so good,
did everything I thought I should.
When brother tried to pick a fight,
he’d egg me on with all his might.

But I would simply walk away.
I’d make it through, I’d be okay.
I kept my mind on just one thing:
a two-wheel bike with bells to ring.

So when the day had finally come,
I won’t deny my heart went numb.
I didn’t want my hurt to show.
I couldn’t let my parents know.

I did not cry, would not complain,
but mom and dad could sense my pain.
And too consumed by childish gloom,
I didn’t see dad leave the room.

When back he came, I turned to see
the subject of my fantasy,
that thing that would replace my trike:
my brand new, big girl, bright green bike.

Too young back then to understand
the bike itself was not so grand.
The joy they felt with their surprise,
my parents’ love, the better prize.

©Susan Schoeffield

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