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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Written for the Poetic Bloomings 9/8/13 Prompt – a “looking back” or “looking forward” poem

Mirror Mirror

This old mirror has seen better days.
The frame is aged and rough.
Thin cracks run through its glass in spots.
The same cracks run through me.

I don’t recognize the woman I see.
The auburn hair went gray, then white.
Green eyes that used to glimmer
are dimmed behind spectacles.

The dimple that only appeared when I smiled
fell into the crevice of a wrinkle.

But wisdom has no room for vanity.
Superficial changes do not obscure dreams,
smother passions, poison hope,
or define the person looking back at me.

I may not recognize the woman in the mirror,
but the cloak of age fits her well.

© Susan Schoeffield

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