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A Dozen Years Ago

Written for the 9/8/13 The Sunday Whirl Wordle 125 – A dozen poetry prompts: avenue, center, answer, magic, dimension, used, bell, change, stains, pay, only, intrigue

A Dozen Years Ago

The sky held a magic,
as only clear, blue skies can.
There was no hint that our lives
would soon change forever.
In the flash of an instant,
we were swept away into a new dimension,
one bearing the stains of lost innocence.
At the center of this intrigue
was unspeakable hatred for
who were are and what we believe.
We would pay for our convictions
with our own innovations used against us.
As the bell tolls in remembrance,
we answer those who sought our defeat
by our resolve to move forward,
our avenue to freedom still intact.

© Susan Schoeffield

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