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Cause And Effect

Written for the 10/6/13 The Sunday Whirl Wordle 129 – A dozen poetry prompts:  chance, saw, basket, swept, blinked, hand, stars, secret, clever, flesh, ripe, nest

Cause and Effect

A routine trip to the grocery store
proved nothing more than disappointing
despite the manager’s anointing
everything in produce as ripe.
I wanted to gripe about this fallacy,
but instead I continued down the aisle,
and all the while my basket stayed empty.

Frustrated, I nearly sought out candy bars
when, oh my stars, there in its nest I saw it!
Orange and yellow, slightly pinked.
I blinked as if my eyes deceived
me with what I believed was perfection.
All thoughts of confection were swept away
as the display and I stood side by side.

The soft, fuzzy flesh had a comforting feel
in my hand and I let out a squeal of delight.
I took a chance to bite it and the secret sweetness
dripped down my chin and onto my fingers.
The sensation lingers to this day,
but my clever attempt to sample more
ensured that the store would ban me forever.

© Susan Schoeffield

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