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This Is Love

This Is Love

Love has
multiple sides,
some complex or transparent,
others real and firmly planted,
and always confusing.

Love is
not the movies,
happily ever afters,
riding off into the sunset
with fairy tale endings.

Love is
sometimes broken
into tiny shards of glass
cutting deeply, bleeding freely,
leaving open wounds.

But love
can be healing,
taking all of the pieces
and gluing them back together
in one seamless unit.

Love can
last a moment,
unveil itself then wither,
or can be with you a lifetime,
the rewards worth the risk.

© Susan Schoeffield

I wrote this for the 1/8/14 Poetic Asides prompt to write a “This is” poem. Written in the Pensee style, I cheated a bit and used it as a second post to the 1/8/14 Poetic Bloomings “In-Form Poet” prompt to write a poem in any form.

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