2 thoughts on “Haiku #6

  1. I find your writing to be very powerful. If it is OK, I’d like to make just one observation. Haiku in English does not need, and indeed is better most of the time, when it is not written in 5-7-5 form. That syllable count is not valid in English since English syllables are longer than those in Japanese (Haiku, for instance, is 2 syllables in English, but 3 in Japanese where every vowel gets its own syllable). I would respectfully suggest that this particular haiku would be really powerful if it were written as:
    a comfort found
    the silence of the stars
    on a moonlit night
    You may also notice that haiku rarely uses punctuation. If you are interested in more information, I recommend: https://sites.google.com/site/nahaiwrimo/home/why-no-5-7-5 and again, I find your writing to be extremely powerful. Good luck to you!

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