Posted in Ghazal

Fanning The Flames

The fingers of the music in the songs the DJ played
dug into the arms of her heart. Those songs the DJ played

tore open old wounds, exposing her pain and her passion.
More than a melody was there in songs the DJ played.

Buried within those compositions were truths she denied.
Brokenness would not stay hidden from songs the DJ played.

She found no escape from sorrow that followed her footsteps.
Her sadness only grew stronger by songs the DJ played.

Love given freely then stolen away haunted her soul.
Unmasked tears flowed in tempo with the songs the DJ played.

“Turn the radio off, Susan. There’s nothing to be gained
by holding onto bitterness through songs the DJ played.”

Reason can’t fight the torment of an unrelenting sound.
She only hears her bleeding heart in songs the DJ played.

© Susan Schoeffield

Written for the 6/18/14 prompt at Creative Bloomings “Inform Poets” to write a poem in the Ghazal style.

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