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Out Of The Sun, We’ll Be Havin’ Some Fun

The sun begins to settle down
upon the campground beaches.
And when it sets, they all come out
like noisy, hungry leeches.

Some still in dripping bathing suits,
some barely dressed at all,
they brag about their awesome tans
or who they will enthrall.

Their voices rise in decibels
with every sip of beer
(which they disguise in cardboard cups
to drink along the pier).

I know they’re only having fun.
They should. They’re in their youth.
But could they find a better way
than being so uncouth?

The seaside campground has a place to hide from teenage talk.
We bask in our tranquility beneath the old boardwalk.

© Susan Schoeffield

(Inspiration: The Drifters’ “Under the Boardwalk”)

We’re at Day 3 of the Creative Bloomings “Granada Camp for Wayward Poets” July 2014 Poem-A-Day Challenge!  Today’s prompt was to write a poem inspired by a song about summer.

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