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Lost In My Surroundings

I run down the trail, hunting for answers
in this refuge far from home,
answers to who and why I am.
I come to this spot not for a vacation
but to escape the heavy presence of myself.
Can I find a sign in the dignity of nature?
A family of bear cubs romps through the woods,
clumsy feet snapping twigs.
Leaping over a log, a pair of young wolves
howl in their delight at this improvised game.
I pause to skip stones across the lake
watching lazy ripples extend over the water.
A solitary figure maneuvers a canoe
back to his nylon hotel after filling his canteen.
I’m jealous. Mine remains empty.
While fireflies work as a lantern,
I contemplate my life with less enthusiasm
than I have for the magnificent stars.

© Susan Schoeffield

Written for Day 21 of  Creative Bloomings
“Grenada Camp for Wayward Poets”. The prompt for today was to write a poem containing these nineteen words: trail, sign, nature, bear, family, canoe, hotel, canteen, escape, lantern, stars, vacation, hunting, log, home, howl, water, magnificent, stones

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