Posted in Quatrain

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

Southbound on the Skyline Drive,
sagging spirits come alive.
I’m addicted to this place,
breathing in its gentle pace.

Mountain laurel, touch-me-nots,
trumpet vines fill earthen pots.
Red-tailed hawks are often seen
and the falcons Peregrine.

Happy chipmunks stop to eat
fudge they’ve stolen for a treat.
Bear cubs running zag and zig.
Mom behind them, head quite big!

Overlooks with gorgeous views
stimulate the muse in Sooze.
Nothing here leaves me distraught,
angry, sad or overwrought.

Nature’s playground brings me peace,
subtle joys I pray won’t cease.
All I witness makes me thrive
‘til I’m back on Skyline Drive.

© Susan Schoeffield

Written for Day 23 of Creative Bloomings “Granada Camp for Wayward Poets” where we’re prompted to write a poem about places in a park setting where we go to escape from the routine of our daily lives.

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