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Ready Or Not

I had my reservations
when I first came to this place,
consumed by hesitations
from a fear I’d meet disgrace.
With challenges abundant
on this single, outdoor theme,
I thought I‘d be redundant,
which brought down my self-esteem.

And so, I plodded warily
(at least, on days I could)
and wrote, not always merrily
and sometimes not so good.
I poemed about rainy days,
the food, romance and fears,
and in this campground poem maze
learned much from poet peers.

Now looking back, I understand
it’s not about the theme
but following a daily plan
to form a writing scheme.
Some prompts I’ll be forgetting
from our host, that wily scamp,
but much I’ll be regretting
when I leave Granada Camp.

© Susan Schoeffield

Day 29 at Creative Bloomngs “Granada Camp for Wayward Poets” had us looking back and reflecting on something positive about our camping experience. For this prompt, I decided to write about my experience with the poem-a-day camp challenge.

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