Posted in Lannet

Climate Controlled

A picturesque beauty clearly abounds
when seasons astound by changing faces.
They quickly trade places as one will fade,
its statement well made, but it’s time to die.

In each figuration, I see them tease
when a springtime breeze turns into a storm
from summer’s warm days. As if on a whim,
those humid, grim days are swiftly replaced

by a breathtaking space of vivid hues.
I bid my adieus to colors so rich.
With the perfect pitch of a winter song,
the cold comes along to sing its refrain.

And during its reign, to match its white crown
the lawn’s brown grass wears an ivory gown.

© Susan Schoeffield

Written for the 8/27/14 prompt at Creative Bloomings “Inform Poets” to write a Lannet poem.

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