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Malfunction Junction

Circuit breakers out of control.
Overuse has taken its toll.
Simply put, a state of dysfunction
lives and breathes at Malfunction Junction.

Husband bored, he’s starting to roam.
Wife is angry, wants to leave home.
Lawyers seek to file an injunction.
Marriage ends at Malfunction Junction.

Wardrobes fail a lot on TV.
Gives the viewer too much to see.
The show goes on without compunction.
That’s the way at Malfunction Junction.

On the web, you type some mistakes.
Out they come, like slithering snakes.
Fail to use the correct conjunction,
you’ll be doomed to Malfunction Junction.

© Susan Schoeffield
Written for the 8/27/14 prompt at Poetic Asides to write a “malfunction” poem.

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