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Log-In Logistics

Hello and welcome to your online account!
Use lower case, caps or numeric amount
to prove you are you before you can begin.
Without the right code, we cannot let you in.

Hello! Good to see you! We’re glad that you came!
Now what is the password that goes with your name?
You can’t check your cart or when payment is due.
You get but three tries and this one’s Number Two.

Hello! Back again? Got the code? Yeah, we’ll see.
It’s wrong and you’re out with the final strike three.
Perhaps if you’d written it somewhere in blood,
you wouldn’t be stuck in this internet mud.

Without the right password, you’ll only get flack
but we value your business so please hurry back!

© Susan Schoeffield

Written for the 11/16/14 prompt at Creative Bloomings “Sunday Seed” to write a poem about an inanimate object getting ready to perform its task.

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