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Poe’s Snow

(with apologies to Edgar Allan)

Once upon a daylight dreary,
mounting snow makes my eyes bleary,
but I try remaining cheery,
cheery in my heart, not head.

Ah, distinctly I remember
it was only mid-November.
Now my fire’s just an ember,
ember from a heat source dead.

Bundled up in warm attire,
frozen hands and feet inspire
dreams of when my clothes were drier,
drier ‘til I passed the door.

While the blower coughs and wheezes,
sputters out a hundred sneezes,
its poor engine quickly freezes.
Quoth the blower, “Nevermore.”

© Susan Schoeffield

Our host at Creative Bloomings lives in the now snowbound region of Buffalo, NY. Not sure why, but this parody of “The Raven” popped into my head. Take care, Walt! Hope you’re back online soon!!

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