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Venturing Further Into Poetry

I like writing at poetry prompt blogs. I love the challenges and enjoy the sense of community. After my favorite place, Creative Bloomings, announced it would close its garden on December 31, 2014, I wondered if it wasn’t time to dust off an old idea and bring to life a poetry prompt site I began putting together last July. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on the blog, deleting some pages and revising others, with the first prompt planned for February 2, 2015. The name of this new venture is The Poetry Park.

When the host of Creative Bloomings announced on Monday the reconfiguration of his former site (now being called the Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild), I began second-guessing myself. I know my poetic limitations. I’m certainly not the most talented poet in the blogosphere. I’ve always been more follower than leader. I bring no unique qualifications to table. But I love to write poetry, I love to read it, and I love watching others find their poetic voice. If you share in these passions and are looking for another place to flex the muscles of your muse, consider joining me at The Poetry Park. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, just getting your poetic feet wet, or somewhere in between, let’s write some poems together!

4 thoughts on “Venturing Further Into Poetry

  1. How wonderfully brave of you, Susan… I am now following your new blog, but, as with the new phoenix rising blog, I will probably be more of a reader as my focus in rhythm has settled into my first love… children’s writing ❤ 🙂 . Thank you, so much, for creating such a lovely place to visit near the water and willows… ❤ !!

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