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Problem Solving

The floor is cold beneath my toes
when on this chilly morn I rise.
My slippers are beyond my reach,

well-hidden in a canine game.
I ask for help, yet sound they sleep
when on this chilly morn I rise.

With no commitments on my plate,
I stand unsure of what to do.
My slippers are beyond my reach,

the sock drawer is too far away.
I crawl back into bed because
the floor is cold beneath my toes.

© Susan Schoeffield

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Born To Be A Beach Bum

A side effect of getting old
is hating winter’s frigid cold.
If such a thing is somewhere sold,
I wouldn’t flinch, if truth be told,
to pay the highest price in gold
and have these frozen temps controlled
by blazing sunshine, hot and bold,
while endless summer days unfold.

© Susan Schoeffield

As evening temperatures continue to dip into single digits over the next several days, I can’t help daydreaming about wonderful, warmer climes.

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Blustery Battle

Layers are my armor.
I’m protected from the cold
until wind gusts pierce my shield.

No weapons worthy
of quelling these bitter foes,
I succumb to chilling fate.

© Susan Schoeffield

There are certainly places with worse wind chills than Baltimore has today, but I’m a big baby and I hate being cold.