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Decapoda Dining

Hands and hammer find rewards
Treasure hunt in shells
Steamed with pinches of Old Bay
Lips and tongue burning
Pleasing sensation
A dozen?

© Susan Schoeffield

With more frozen precipitation headed our way, it’s small wonder this aspiring beach bum longs for the simple joys of summer. The Epulaeryu poetry style pairs well with crustacean delights.

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Air Waves

Round clouds
roll in the arms
of the wind, tossed gracefully
by the unseen hands of the air
guiding the procession.

lift up the clouds,
driving them along their path,
farther along an azure sky
toward a mellow sun.

© Susan Schoeffield

(Using first line “Round clouds roll in the arms of the wind” from Mating by D.H. Lawrence.)