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The Enemies Within

Are all the tears that burn her eyes
resulting from the blinding light
of apparitions seen at night?
But why should phantoms so despise
this soul submerged in tortured cries,
her pain their absolute delight.

Their violence left her spirit weak.
Relentless thrusts with angry sword
made helpless fear their great reward.
Through muffled sobs, she dared not speak.
The prospects for escape were bleak,
her prayers for rescue went ignored.

Responding to their midnight crimes,
awake, she died a thousand times.

© Susan Schoeffield

I’m engaging my more solemn side with today’s daily poem. A Facebook friend recently posted that someone he knew had committed suicide. Depression is a serious illness and when someone is its prisoner, it becomes life-threatening.

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Steadfast in victory,
sadness rules our spirit.
Succumbing to anguish,
seldom can we dismiss
subliminal feelings
smothering happiness
sealed in the labyrinth.

© Susan Schoeffield

Today’s daily poem is anything but uplifting, but it gave me another chance to play with the Pleiades form.


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No Rest For The Weary

I’m trying to sleep
but thoughts run too deep
invading my need to rest.
I toss and I turn
and longingly yearn
for victory in my quest

to turn off my mind,
be soundly entwined
with silence that rules the night.
But life still intrudes
and sleep still eludes
the need to escape my plight.

© Susan Schoeffield

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Seascape Escape

Sunshine melts despair.
It trickles down my shoulders
and sails out to sea
on a Jimmy Buffett song
cresting margarita waves.

© Susan Schoeffield

I’ve never been a winter fan. Yesterday’s freezing rain sealed the deal. Give me warm, sunny days at the beach with sand between my toes!

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Winter Woes

bone-chilling cold, hands and feet numb
wind whips my face, bone-chilling cold
hands and feet numb, knees and back ache
bone-chilling cold, wind whips my face
lips crack and spilt, bone-chilling cold
wind whips my face, frigid and raw
hands and feet numb, knees and back ache
nose and eyes sting, hands and feet numb
knees and back ache, icy frost bites
lips crack and split, frigid and raw
nose and eyes sting, icy frost bites

© Susan Schoeffield

This is another mathematical poem written in the Binary Tree form. It borrows elements from both math and computer science and is written in 11 lines with 8 phrases repeated at least once.