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Seascape Escape

Sunshine melts despair.
It trickles down my shoulders
and sails out to sea
on a Jimmy Buffett song
cresting margarita waves.

© Susan Schoeffield

I’ve never been a winter fan. Yesterday’s freezing rain sealed the deal. Give me warm, sunny days at the beach with sand between my toes!

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Still, Still, Still

The moon reflects off whitened ground,
in iridescent, steady streams
and here, amid the silent sound,
the snowflakes waltz upon its beams.

For one brief moment, all is calm
eclipsing all the worldly woes.
With mankind touched by soothing balm,
upon the earth a yearning flows

to melt the frost from undue hate.
When words are joined by thoughts and deeds,
the frozen fields could generate
a harvest rich from yuletide seeds.

Yet hope alone won’t lessen fear
with silent nights and moonlit beams.
Beyond the season’s short-lived cheer,
may peace on earth be more than dreams.

© Susan Schoeffield

Written for the 12/14/14 prompt at Creative Bloomings “Sunday Seed” to write a poem inspired by a Christmas or Holiday song.

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Time In A Bottle

Time In A Bottle

I walked along the water’s edge
and thought about the silent wedge
that threatened to disrupt the pledge
we made the first day of our life
together as a man and wife.

And as I pondered how and why,
a floating bottle caught my eye,
inside a note kept safe and dry.
To one who’d never be his wife,
a man spoke of his love for life.

The sailor knew he’d meet his end
and chose to write to his best friend.
Regretting time they’d never spend
together as a man and wife,
he’d miss the joys of married life.

The man, well hardened by the sea,
expressed his love so tenderly
and mourned the loss of what might be.
If only God would spare his life
to let him make his girl his wife.

I wondered if she ever knew
what hell the ocean put him through.
When his return was overdue,
did she become another’s wife
or did she barely walk through life?

It didn’t take me long to see
his words were also were meant for me.
This life, which holds no guarantee,
without us being man and wife,
would be an empty, lonely life.

I held the message in my hand.
As tears rolled down and splashed on sand,
I came to fully understand
how glad I am to be your wife,
to love and cherish you through life.

© Susan Schoeffield

Written for Day 3 of the Poetic Asides April 2014 PAD challenge to write a “message” poem.

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Where Hope Finds Me

Where Hope Finds Me

Abandoning dreams, fearing rejection,
I was well-acquainted with crying.
Wallowing in my lack of perfection
made trusting in love not worth trying.

I was chained to pillars of raw despair,
but your candle would not stop burning.
You entered my space with a love so rare,
it released an unrestrained yearning

to end my sadness. By loosening ties,
hope now finds me alive in your eyes.

© Susan Schoeffield

Written for the 2/16/14 “Take One Please” prompt at Creative Bloomings to write a poem using one of these titles: Culture Shock, True Blue, Where Hope Finds Me, A Waltz of Words, Love Never Ceases.