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Beyond Frosted Panes

The silence of this wintry day
attests to nature’s strong display
as whitened blankets wrap around
the sleeping forms which line the ground.

The calmness of this stormy peace
enfolds us with its warming fleece.
Yet even in this quiet place
some move along at steady pace.

A squirrel scampers here and there.
A cardinal darts through the air.
From cozy den, a fox will wake
to gaze upon each falling flake.

These creatures all enjoy the show,
while footprints mar the pristine snow.

© Susan Schoeffield

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In The Thick Of Things

The forest houses many mysteries
within its borders of towering pines.
Sheltered within are countless histories,
stories emboldened by nature’s designs.
Forming defenses, the trees stand in line
to ward off intruders lurking around
who, given the chance, would gladly entwine
any new growth that would dare fill the ground.
They reach to heaven and thank the Divine
with never a whimper, complaint or whine.

© Susan Schoeffield

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The lazy wheat will shake his head
disgusted with the same, old bed
in long, narrow lanes
on vast, open plains.
He complains,
he’ll be bread.

© Susan Schoeffield

Today’s daily poem is written in an early Welsh poetry form called the Clogyrnach.

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Frozen waterfalls cling to the mountain.
Noon’s burning sun adds a smooth, shiny glaze.
Sadly, these icy hills focus on when
ghosts wander freely, content just to gaze.
Solemn with sorrow, these ladies and men
never stay long and step back in the haze.

© Susan Schoeffield

This poem for my Poetry Dazed Project 2015 was inspired by memories of the Shenandoah Mountains in winter.