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Lovers in Treble

A graceful dance across the floor
is resonating in our arms.
The music begs us ask for more
when swelling notes announce the end.
So we compose another score
and base its movements on our own.
The harmonies we’re looking for
are melodies of subtle charms,
their lyrics sung by our rapport.

© Susan Schoeffield

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Hearts Hear The Song

Under sparkling stars in a summer night heat,
together we dance in the shadow of trees,
two hearts in the moment deciding the beat.

Branches sway with us to a soft, rhythmic breeze.
A chorus of tree frogs sing heartfelt delights
to balance a fervent and starry-eyed tease.

As if we are victims of foresty sprites,
we find ourselves gliding across earthen floors
with movements more graceful in nocturnal lights.

The music crescendos as passion explores
two lovers engrossed in romantic rapports.

© Susan Schoeffield

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By Parisian Design

Was Paris what two lovers saw
while breathing in the way it seemed?
Was romance part of springtime’s thaw
or only what two people dreamed?

They met outside a French café
then walked together to the Louvre.
They talked and laughed along the way,
these strangers without much to prove.

So, walking on, love unexplored,
afraid of messages they’d send,
in silent prayer they each implored
the Champs-Elysées to never end.

Was Paris what two lovers saw
or only what two people dreamed?

© Susan Schoeffield

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In one quick taste, a moonlit kiss
was shared beneath the maple tree
when suddenly two hearts were one.

Embarrassed eyes would turn away
but not before again we shared,
in one quick taste, a moonlit kiss.

In all our childlike innocence,
we’d never known a joy as such
was shared beneath the maple tree.

Our lives would never be the same.
We’d been forsaken, all alone,
when suddenly two hearts were one.

© Susan Schoeffield

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Romance In The Sky

Romance In The Sky

stirs the darkness.
The stars sparkle in courtship,
flirting with their hearts’ desires
who eagerly flirt back.

The moon
smiles in delight
at the starry flirtations.
Romance thrives on the subtle charms
of the midnight hour.

© Susan Schoeffield