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Bat cracks in the ballpark.
Boldly, the batter runs
bases on fleet feet, his
bright uniform dirty
because billowing dust
blankets him at home plate.

© Susan Schoeffield

Nothing like beating a new poetry form to death. Thought I’d take another stab at the Pleiades. Donning my trusty Orioles cap, I’m ready for some Spring Fever!

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Grown in rich, dark soil,
gentle hands meet its needs.
Giving us their thanks by
gifting aromas that
glide through the air, we are
grateful for sun kissed days
gracing this glowing space.

© Susan Schoeffield

My poem for today’s Poetry Dazed Project 2015 is written as a Pleiades. The form has a one-word title and seven lines of 6 syllables each, the lines beginning with the first letter of the title.

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Climate Controlled

A picturesque beauty clearly abounds
when seasons astound by changing faces.
They quickly trade places as one will fade,
its statement well made, but it’s time to die.

In each figuration, I see them tease
when a springtime breeze turns into a storm
from summer’s warm days. As if on a whim,
those humid, grim days are swiftly replaced

by a breathtaking space of vivid hues.
I bid my adieus to colors so rich.
With the perfect pitch of a winter song,
the cold comes along to sing its refrain.

And during its reign, to match its white crown
the lawn’s brown grass wears an ivory gown.

© Susan Schoeffield

Written for the 8/27/14 prompt at Creative Bloomings “Inform Poets” to write a Lannet poem.

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Since The Robin Came

Since The Robin Came

I yearn for climates more serene
with landscapes painted blissful green
beyond the touch of winter’s chill.
Although on paper this is Spring,
my garden doesn’t yield a thing,
no hyacinth or daffodil.
But while I search impatiently,
I spy a robin in the tree.
I listen to his cheerful trill
and with his song, I feel no cold.
As warmer days will soon unfold,
I find my cure without a pill.

© Susan Schoeffield

Written for Day 4 of the Poetic Asides April 2014 PAD Challenge. The prompt today was to write a “Since [blank]” poem.