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Poe’s Snow

(with apologies to Edgar Allan)

Once upon a daylight dreary,
mounting snow makes my eyes bleary,
but I try remaining cheery,
cheery in my heart, not head.

Ah, distinctly I remember
it was only mid-November.
Now my fire’s just an ember,
ember from a heat source dead.

Bundled up in warm attire,
frozen hands and feet inspire
dreams of when my clothes were drier,
drier ‘til I passed the door.

While the blower coughs and wheezes,
sputters out a hundred sneezes,
its poor engine quickly freezes.
Quoth the blower, “Nevermore.”

© Susan Schoeffield

Our host at Creative Bloomings lives in the now snowbound region of Buffalo, NY. Not sure why, but this parody of “The Raven” popped into my head. Take care, Walt! Hope you’re back online soon!!

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Deluge Delusion

The somberness of steady rain
falls heavy on a weary soul,
extracting much too high a toll.

The spirit’s poor attempt to feign
a sense of calm amidst the storm
is acted out to misinform,

as if exists a tiny grain
of hope to cause a cosmic spark
to lighten up the wretched dark.

With inner dragons not yet slain,
no knight can keep the beast at bay
so rain continues through the day.

And thus a haunted, bleak refrain
repeats itself, a tragic song
to sink the weak and tempt the strong.

© Susan Schoeffield

Playing around with poetic forms today. This poem is written as a ConstanzaPoet Note: I’m not as despondent as this poem might suggest, although doing laundry sometimes fills me with despair.

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Rough Waters

Rough Waters

Waves pound against his boat.
The need to stay afloat is strong,
well aware his swan song
could be sung before long and be
shared with a callous sea.
He knows he cannot flee or save
this seafarer so brave
from the watery grave that waits.
Yet, still he contemplates
how to deny the fates that clutch
his soul. With Neptune’s touch,
the spirit loses much, and breath
succumbs to looming death.

© Susan Schoeffield

Written for the prompt at Creative Bloomings “Inform Poets” to write a poem in the Luc-Bat style. [NOTE: This poem was honored with a Brilliant Bloom by Creative Bloomings on 2/22/14.]