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Born To Be A Beach Bum

A side effect of getting old
is hating winter’s frigid cold.
If such a thing is somewhere sold,
I wouldn’t flinch, if truth be told,
to pay the highest price in gold
and have these frozen temps controlled
by blazing sunshine, hot and bold,
while endless summer days unfold.

© Susan Schoeffield

As evening temperatures continue to dip into single digits over the next several days, I can’t help daydreaming about wonderful, warmer climes.

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Grown in rich, dark soil,
gentle hands meet its needs.
Giving us their thanks by
gifting aromas that
glide through the air, we are
grateful for sun kissed days
gracing this glowing space.

© Susan Schoeffield

My poem for today’s Poetry Dazed Project 2015 is written as a Pleiades. The form has a one-word title and seven lines of 6 syllables each, the lines beginning with the first letter of the title.

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Decapoda Dining

Hands and hammer find rewards
Treasure hunt in shells
Steamed with pinches of Old Bay
Lips and tongue burning
Pleasing sensation
A dozen?

© Susan Schoeffield

With more frozen precipitation headed our way, it’s small wonder this aspiring beach bum longs for the simple joys of summer. The Epulaeryu poetry style pairs well with crustacean delights.

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Seascape Escape

Sunshine melts despair.
It trickles down my shoulders
and sails out to sea
on a Jimmy Buffett song
cresting margarita waves.

© Susan Schoeffield

I’ve never been a winter fan. Yesterday’s freezing rain sealed the deal. Give me warm, sunny days at the beach with sand between my toes!

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The State Of Denial

The smell of burning leaves
reminds me there is no more
hide and seek with summer.
Born to be a beach bum, for me
it’s more like a whiff of stale coffee
than the aroma of freshly baked bread.
Let autumn strum its balalaika
as reds and golds dance past the greens.
I’d rather fall in Malibu.

© Susan Schoeffield

Written for the 9/28/14 prompt at Creative Bloomings “Sunday Seed” to write a poem beginning with “the smell of burning leaves” and incorporating a word for each category: something you buy in a bakery, a smell in a diner, a make of automobile, something people do to relieve stress, an unusual musical instrument, and a child’s game.

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Climate Controlled

A picturesque beauty clearly abounds
when seasons astound by changing faces.
They quickly trade places as one will fade,
its statement well made, but it’s time to die.

In each figuration, I see them tease
when a springtime breeze turns into a storm
from summer’s warm days. As if on a whim,
those humid, grim days are swiftly replaced

by a breathtaking space of vivid hues.
I bid my adieus to colors so rich.
With the perfect pitch of a winter song,
the cold comes along to sing its refrain.

And during its reign, to match its white crown
the lawn’s brown grass wears an ivory gown.

© Susan Schoeffield

Written for the 8/27/14 prompt at Creative Bloomings “Inform Poets” to write a Lannet poem.

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Illuminating Souvenirs

Tiny gems sparkle in black mountain skies,
a backdrop for flickering fireflies.
Campfires blaze in a dazzling display.
Burning “Off!” candles keep mosquitoes at bay.

My eyes still reflect all the shimmering light
from our tiny campsite on one bright summer night.

© Susan Schoeffield

Today is Day 4 of Creative Bloomings “Granada Camp for Wayward Poets” July 2014 Poem-A-Day Challenge! Before running off to attend to last minute vacation preparations, I wrote this for the latest prompt to write a poem based on inspiration from night lights over the lake. As soon as the cat and house sitter arrives on Sunday, we’re outta here! Have a great week!!

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And You’re Out!

I’m not rugged like I was once.
I’m not smart, but I’m not a dunce.
I’m not fond of the canvas floors,
or the chores,
or outdoors.
I was made for a nicer scene:
fluffy robe on a body clean,
parked in front of a flat TV screen.
Now here is what you must do.

Take me out of this campground.
Take me back into town.
I want a bathroom, a big soft bed,
fresh fruit and veggies to keep me fed.
Let me be near some shopping,
Starbucks Cafe would be swell.
And in one more bug bite I’m gone
from this outdoor hell.

© Susan Schoeffield

(A reluctant camper’s version of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” by Jack Norworth and Albert von Tizler).

It’s a two-fer for me on Day 3 of the Creative Bloomings “Granada Camp for Wayward Poets” July 2014 Poem-A-Day Challenge!  Another poem inspired by a summer-themed song.

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Out Of The Sun, We’ll Be Havin’ Some Fun

The sun begins to settle down
upon the campground beaches.
And when it sets, they all come out
like noisy, hungry leeches.

Some still in dripping bathing suits,
some barely dressed at all,
they brag about their awesome tans
or who they will enthrall.

Their voices rise in decibels
with every sip of beer
(which they disguise in cardboard cups
to drink along the pier).

I know they’re only having fun.
They should. They’re in their youth.
But could they find a better way
than being so uncouth?

The seaside campground has a place to hide from teenage talk.
We bask in our tranquility beneath the old boardwalk.

© Susan Schoeffield

(Inspiration: The Drifters’ “Under the Boardwalk”)

We’re at Day 3 of the Creative Bloomings “Granada Camp for Wayward Poets” July 2014 Poem-A-Day Challenge!  Today’s prompt was to write a poem inspired by a song about summer.