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This Time Of Year

Aromas fill the kitchen, pleasing aromas.
Sweet potatoes, turkey and pumpkin pie are sweet
reminders to be thankful, as if reminders
are necessary knowing just how blessed we are.

Hard times made me less aware and it became hard
to remember other folks were struggling, too.
Filling other’s needs had to be more fulfilling,
more comforting, than believing I deserved more.

On the road to self-pity, I had to move on
where people with no food to eat or clothes to wear
would rely on me to warm their fires with wood,
share my coat or give meals when they had none to share.

Far from being perfect, I’m more content when far
less concerned with myself and satisfied with less.

© Susan Schoeffield

Written for the 11/12/14 prompt at Creative Bloomings “Inform Poets” to write a Shadow Sonnet.


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Thankful For So Much

Another poem for the Poetic Bloomings 11/24/13 prompt: Thankfulness

Thankful For So Much

for the music
in raindrops on the awning,
of cats mewing in secret code,
from dogs engaged in play.

for the seasons:
buds peeping out in springtime,
sand between my toes in summer,
autumn hues, winter snows.

for the laughter
in the comfort of friendship,
for the love of my family,
and for knowing pure joy.

for the blessings
that come when least expected,
given to one so unworthy
and so freely given.

© Susan Schoeffield