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Beyond Frosted Panes

The silence of this wintry day
attests to nature’s strong display
as whitened blankets wrap around
the sleeping forms which line the ground.

The calmness of this stormy peace
enfolds us with its warming fleece.
Yet even in this quiet place
some move along at steady pace.

A squirrel scampers here and there.
A cardinal darts through the air.
From cozy den, a fox will wake
to gaze upon each falling flake.

These creatures all enjoy the show,
while footprints mar the pristine snow.

© Susan Schoeffield

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Why I Abhor Thor

I don’t adore Thor. He’s a bore, and what’s more
I deplore the sight of his might dressed in white.
No delight do I know from this snow. It can go
back to where I won’t care if it dares to ensnare
with its not very nice slice of hard, frosty ice.
You’re a chore, Mr. Thor. Take your roar out the door!

© Susan Schoeffield

Another poem written for the 3/1/15 post at the Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild to write a rhyming poem on any topic in any form.  If the weather forecasters are right and the next named winter storm pays us a visit, I’m ready for him.

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Born To Be A Beach Bum

A side effect of getting old
is hating winter’s frigid cold.
If such a thing is somewhere sold,
I wouldn’t flinch, if truth be told,
to pay the highest price in gold
and have these frozen temps controlled
by blazing sunshine, hot and bold,
while endless summer days unfold.

© Susan Schoeffield

As evening temperatures continue to dip into single digits over the next several days, I can’t help daydreaming about wonderful, warmer climes.

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Blustery Battle

Layers are my armor.
I’m protected from the cold
until wind gusts pierce my shield.

No weapons worthy
of quelling these bitter foes,
I succumb to chilling fate.

© Susan Schoeffield

There are certainly places with worse wind chills than Baltimore has today, but I’m a big baby and I hate being cold.

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No Business Like Snow Business

I know I’m obsessive. I have been since youth.
There’s no point denying that hard and fast truth.
When I get a teaser that snowflakes might fall,
I’m on my computer, awaiting the call

on how many inches of snow to expect.
(No wonder my friends give me little respect.)
Though I prefer summer and hot humid days,
a possible snowstorm can make my eyes glaze.

I’m not into skiing down white, frozen hills
or building a snowman with powdery frills.
In fact, there’s not much about snow that I like
except when I’m told that a blizzard might strike.

I know that it’s childish, not fitting my age.
Though I’m up in decades, I’m no wizened sage.
Yes, snow still excites me, at least from afar.
All common sense leaves as it bids au revoir.

© Susan Schoeffield

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Seascape Escape

Sunshine melts despair.
It trickles down my shoulders
and sails out to sea
on a Jimmy Buffett song
cresting margarita waves.

© Susan Schoeffield

I’ve never been a winter fan. Yesterday’s freezing rain sealed the deal. Give me warm, sunny days at the beach with sand between my toes!